Callaway Cars Policy and Procedure Guide

Policy and Procedures Guide

This Callaway Cars, Incorporated (Callaway) Policy and Procedure Guide covers what Authorized Retailer personnel need to know about Callaway's limited warranty and its application

Limited Warranty Statement Availability

The "Callaway-Installed Callaway Components Limited Warranty Statement" is available upon request. This limited warranty Statement must be made available to your sales prospects. 

Warranty Term and Ownership Records

The Callaway-Installed Callaway Component Limited Warranty is only effected concurrently with the term of the GM 36 month/36,000 miles bumper-to-bumper warranty. The vehicle's initial retail date of sale recorded by GM will also be used by Callaway to determine its effective Limited Warranty period. Callaway will honor its Limited Warranty for subsequent owner(s) recognized as the owner of the record in the GM vehicle data system during the effective term of the Limited Warranty. 

Claim Procedure

When a Callaway-approved repair facility identifies a faulty Callaway-Installed Callaway Component, immediate contact is to be made without Claims Specialist via the contact detail below. You will then be instructed how to transmit a facsimile copy of the repair order including diagnosis details and repair estimates to our office. Callaway will not authorize any repair or financial reimbursement for repair without proper Claim submission

Parts Supply

After you consult with our team about a repair, we will ship replacement parts along with an invoice. The invoice will be voided once the original parts are returned to Callaway. At the discresion of the Claims Specialist, photos and data may be requested in lieu of returned parts

Repair Time Allowance

Repair times for replacement of Callaway-Installed Callaway Components will be determined on a case-by-case basis. Labor to remove and install a Callaway-Installed Callaway Components to prefer any GM warranty repair is not reimbursable. 

Labor Rate

Callaway will recognize the same hourly rate paid by GM for warranty repairs

Contact Details

Callaway Cars, Incorporated
3 High Street
Old Lyme, CT 06371

Attention: Warranty Claims Specalist

(860) 434 9002
(860) 424 1704