Performance tune for C7 Corvette
Performance tune for C7 Corvette

Engine tuners love working with the C7 Corvette, all Corvettes for that matter. But the difference is Callaway and GM get their amazing horsepower and torque numbers from legitimate methods, legal in the terms of the Federal Government and Manufacture agreed upon emissions and safety standards. These safety standards are Known as "CARB" certified (California Air Resources Board), and if installed aftermarket, they have an EO number (Executive Order) that certifies compliance. 

Your local tuner can be adept at walking the line between big power and a big blow up but they are not following the agreed-upon rules for today's cars. Meaning; yes, a simple change of the fuel, air and timing engine calibration can up the power slightly. Adding hard parts like headers and hi-flow catalytic converters to a Corvette Stingray will add even more horsepower, but both affect the engine's efficiency and compromise the emissions system and are not "legal" from the manufacturers or federal perspective. Kind of similar to when Barry Bonds broke MLB’s Home Run record, was it legal, did he play "under the influence"?

When you compare his record with Henry Aarons, who’s was legitimate?
To be legitimate, both Callaway and GM have their final horsepower numbers certified by SAE standards for their installed engine packages and Corvette engine mods.

There are already tuners promoting performance packages for the 2019 ZR1 but the only installed package that will be recognized by GM will come from Callaway Cars, as they will play by the rules, created by both the Manufactures and the Federal Government.

If you are curious, ask your local tuner, "is your tune CARB Certified? Do the parts have an EO number? Why does CARB emission compliance matter? It’s more than the obvious, the benefits of clean air and the environment, and to ensure our next generations will have an abundance of clean air to live.

But for automobiles, it also gives a cleaner burning engine without excess, unburned fuel causing a multitude of issues for you and your performance car. Issues such as fouled spark plugs and O2 sensors, failing emissions control devices, or failed emissions testing. And yes, pollution stinks. By "tuners" short cutting emissions compliance they are leaving your engine tuning open to issues down the road that can be costly and eventually degrade the performance that was desired in the first place or even place your vehicle registration in jeopardy. By "doing it right" the first time can be the most economical way in the end. By properly engineering powertrain modifications from the beginning, you not only achieve the goal of increased power but through adherence to emissions standards, you’ll ensure a better overall ownership experience.

You can get more power from your C7 Z06, but If you want the builders and GM to stand behind the performance upgrades, choosing Callaway to professionally install your performance package for your Corvette C7.

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