Which is the Most Powerful Corvette
Which is the Most Powerful Corvette

First the Corvette Stingray Z51, then the Z06, and now the highly anticipated 2019 ZR1 has made waves across print and online media for the past couple weeks - and rightfully so, it’s an exciting car. Tthe Callaway Corvette that debuted back in 2016 with Callaway’s proprietary triple cooled GenThree corvette supercharger has garnered rave reviews for the past 2 years. So this leads us to ask the questions, which is the most powerful?

The 755HP ZR1 or the 757HP Callaway Aerowagen Z06. Obviously, it is hard to do a head to head race on the drag strip, since the awesome ZR1 is not yet on the production line till later in 2018.  However, the Callaway SC757 Z06 is available now. It's amusing to look at the published numbers as certified by SAE for both Corvettes.

Callaway Supercharged Corvette SC757 Z06

The Callaway SC757 Z06 with its robust 2300cc GenThree triple cooled supercharger has 33% more displacement than the stock LT4, which rewrote the Chevrolet horsepower numbers to 757. That's a miniscule fraction above the upcoming 755 the ZR1 is purported to be capable of.  But the big difference is in the all-important torque. There the Callaway SC757 Z06 shows its mettle by producing a whopping 777 lbs-ft of torque versus the 715 in the new LT5 of the ZR1. That extra 62 lbs-ft of torque will be felt every time you use your foot on the Callaway's throttle pedal. Both Corvettes are covered by a full GM warranty and the Callaway carries its supplemental 3 years 36,000-mile powertrain warranty.

When the Z06 is optioned with the Z07 the Corvette generates the most aerodynamic downforce of any car in GM's history until now.The visual difference from the new ZR1 verses every Corvette before it is the huge rear wing part of the optional PTK option package. That "Performance Track" optional rear wing adds almost 1000 lbs of downforce to the already gripping Corvette. The standard ZR1 rear spoiler allows a higher top speed forsaking a bit of grip. For weekend rides or daily driving to work, neither spoiler will come into play as they were both designed for high track speeds and use on closed course tracks. One of the benefits to the Callaway Corvette is the visceral thrill of seeing that corvette supercharger move as you put the pedal to the metal. A unique hood cutout allows the top of the blower to be seen from behind the driver's seat, which is something that looks like the owner will also be able to enjoy in the new ZR1.

The posted zero to 60 times for the supercharged Callaway Corvette are a super quick 2.8 seconds and the quarter-mile passes by in just 10.5 seconds. Those times place the Callaway in the top echelon of Super Cars like Bugatti, Lamborghini, Ferrari and even the Tesla P90 in the Ludicrous mode would have a hard time beating the Callaway SC757 Corvette.

As seen on Jay Leno’s Garage the Callaway Corvette Aerowagen pulled some amazing numbers and looked great doing it. Jay leno had both Pete Callaway and his father Reeves at his garage with their newly released C7 installed performance package SC757 Z06 redesign as a "Shooting Brake" AeroWagen with an impressive 757 Horsepower. The whole show shot this past July is now available on YouTube. Hopefully, we will be able to put the ZR1 and AeroWagen head to head late Spring of 2018 for a neck to neck comparison of the most powerful Corvette yet. We sure have come a long way from the Corvette Stingray introduction at the Detroit Auto Show in  January of 2013.