Callaway Chevrolet & GMC vehicles Dealership USA

About Callaway Cars USA

Core Business Units

The mission of CallawayCarsUSA is to deliver on the promise of powerfully engineered cars as designed, developed, and manufactured by Callaway Cars in Old Lyme CT, Temecula CA and Leingarten Germany. CallawayCarsUSA is the retailer of the GM vehicles as modified by Callaway Cars. We strive to provide an easy seamless transaction that results in an enthusiastic ownership experience. Our employees are passionate product ambassadors for Callaway Cars and we allow them the autonomy to best serve our customers. CallawayCarsUSA ownership is committed to providing the resources necessary to provide sufficient inventory and have Callaway Cars available for test drives as well as the means to provide financing products and service technicians to support the needs of our customers.

  • 1) Callaway Engineering delivers a full range of contract engineering and manufacturing services, with special focus on development of high performance vehicles, systems, and components.

  • 2) Callaway Cars designs, develops, and manufactures high performance specialty vehicles and aftermarket performance products, marketed and distributed under the Callaway brand.
  • 3) Callaway Carbon designs, tools and manufactures premium-quality structural and non-structural carbon components for military, medical, aerospace and automotive clients.

  • 4) Callaway Competition develops, constructs and campaigns Corvette race cars for FIA GT3 and ADAC GT Masters racing series. Designs and fabricates complex composite components for automotive applications.

  • 5) CallawayCarsUSA - the retail arm as owned and managed by the Patriot Group of Dealerships an Authorized dealer of Callaway Cars
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